Posers is a fully-customizable, portable photo booth available for rent. Posers is based in Asheville, NC but travels all over the state and surrounding areas. We would love to speak with you about being a part of your next wedding, event, or party!

Posted on Aug 06, 2015
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aug8-203525Some of our favorites from Sophie and Ryan’s Homewood wedding this past Saturday, Aug. 1!

View all the photos on our FB page and clients can re-order prints here!

Enjoy and Congratulations Sophie and Ryan!! So much fun celebrating with you and your friends/family!

aug8-192259 aug8-192453 aug8-193452 aug8-194226 aug8-194740 aug8-195536 aug8-195901 aug8-200605 aug8-201056 aug8-201326 aug8-202027 aug8-202425 aug8-203425aug8-203624 aug8-203739 aug8-204231 aug8-210916

Posted on Jun 07, 2015
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We had so much fun at the Youth Outright Prom last night (June 6, 2015)! The theme was Alice in Wonderland and everyone looked so great in their outfits! The event was held at the Toy Boat Community Event Center here in Asheville, NC. Here are a few of my favorites from the evening. The rest can be found on our Facebook Page and also available to re-order at www.enjoyphotos.com (username is prom2015, password upon request)


prom2015-213526 prom2015-213415 prom2015-213015 prom2015-212902 prom2015-211447 prom2015-211330 prom2015-211128 prom2015-210648 prom2015-210249 prom2015-203412 prom2015-202537 prom2015-202318 prom2015-201840 prom2015-201024 prom2015-200758 prom2015-200136 prom2015-193424 prom2015-192735 prom2015-192523 prom2015-192140

Posted on Jun 02, 2015
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We had a BLAST at Christina and Spencer’s High Hampton Wedding this past Saturday, May 30~ Here are a few of my favorites from this event!
The rest are available on our FB page and our guest log in page! Enjoy!

may30-2-190832 may30-2-190947 may30-2-193242 may30-2-193829 may30-2-194939 may30-2-200511 may30-2-200631 may30-2-201138 may30-2-201246 may30-2-201413 may30-2-202343 may30-2-202519 may30-2-202747 may30-2-203008 may30-2-203830 may30-2-204901 may30-2-205017 may30-2-205420 may30-2-210253 may30-2-211256

Posted on Sep 08, 2014
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A few of our favorites from Saturday’s wedding at Claxton Farm :) Love the custom logo (always an option for the footer) and simple backdrop!

sadow1-223224 sadow1-222852 sadow1-221704 sadow1-222739 sadow1-222234 sadow1-221446 sadow1-220023 sadow1-214608 sadow1-210358 sadow1-210022 sadow1-205422 sadow1-205136 sadow1-204613 sadow1-203037 sadow1-202740 sadow1-190950 sadow1-184631 sadow1-184240

Posted on Mar 18, 2014
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We had so much fun setting up at Pack’s Tavern and Scully’s tonight for 105.9 The Mountain’s Guinness St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl!! Here are a few of my personal favorites from the evening, all the rest will post on our facebook page tomorrow so check them out, tag yourself and your friends and may the luck of the Irish be with ya!


fav-0083 fav-0123 fav-0219 fav-0289 fav-0066

Posted on Mar 12, 2014
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So excited to set up this coming Monday (March 17) at Packs Tavern  (from 5-6pm) and Scully’s (from 8-9pm) in downtown Asheville for 105.9 The Mountain’s Guinness Getaway Pub Crawl! Come and see us and strike a pose!GUINESSPUBCRAWL

Posted on Mar 12, 2014
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Check out our pinterest page with ideas for custom backdrops and props. We love to hear your ideas and input!

Posted on Mar 12, 2014
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Just a few examples of what the print outs look like from the photo booth. The booth prints on site and the footer settings, like our backdrops, are fully customizable and can include whatever text or logos you’d like to see. View more examples of photos from our booth on our facebook pagegarber-211648 chimneyrock-182747 booth-224856 booth-210818 booth-210401